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The most renowned Potato Cold Store in the Mathura-Raya region. It has a reputation second to none and is very well known amongst all the potato cultivators/farmers in Mathura Region. It has a capacity of storing 8000 MT potatoes sugar free. S. K Sharma Ice & Cold Storage is witnessing growth and progress at an accelerated pace. The unit is situated in the Mathura-Raya region. Under the efficient supervision of the management team the company has reached new horizons of success. Moreover, the management and staff of S. K Sharma Ice & Cold Storage stick to their commitment to the customers of providing the safest quality good food available in India.


A cold storage unit incorporates a refrigeration system to maintain the desired room environment for the commodities to be stored. A refrigeration system works on two principles:
Vapour absorption system (VAS),
Vapour compression system (VCS)
VAS, although comparatively costlier, is quite economical in operation and adequately compensates the higher initial investment.
VCS is comparatively cheaper than VAS. There are three types of VCS systems available depending upon the cooling arrangements in the storage rooms i.e., diffuser type, bunker type and fin coil type. Diffuser type is comparatively costlier and is selected only when the storage room heights are low.

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